The Interoperability Alliance is a group of mobile broadband providers, consumer groups and others that strongly believe that interoperability in the lower 700 MHz band is critical for a 4G LTE ecosystem. Only through true interoperability and device flexibility will consumers and the U.S. economy benefit from the promise of next-generation mobile broadband and ensure robust deployment, innovation and competition in the U.S. wireless industry. This is vital to the completion of the upgraded mobile broadband network public safety needs to address the nation’s most critical emergencies.


Put simply, we believe interoperability is critical to connect, deploy and protect consumers, providers, innovators and the U.S. economy. We look to the

Federal Communication Commission to provide leadership as the expert agency by restoring this policy, just as has been the case with all other major mobilebroadband bands.

After three long years, and with a comprehensive, clear and compete record, it is time for the FCC to set the standard that benefits consumers and the economy for years to come.